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5th?... 6th? fuck I lost count.

2008-08-15 23:37:58 by Telliath

Well. Wyld and I are making yet again. ANOTHER COllAB. We've decided it's going to be a classical / orchestral piece.

The music itself is almost complete. Maybe just a minute or so more of the song needs adding. I've writting the melody and wyld has added SO much to the piece with alot of his strings and ambient style instruments. He also did the vast majority of the percsussions.

At this rate. This orchestral classical song will be an epic and should, hopefully, hit top 5. :)

We hope for the best. Enjoy the song when it's released. :)


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2008-08-21 14:33:00

and it did hit top 5.

Telliath responds:

it did :)


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