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New songs and a collab!

2008-01-25 09:24:15 by Telliath

Lately I haven't posted anything because I've been taking some advice from my dad and not posting bad songs, but just continuing to practice and only going to submit complete/good songs. I have prepared quite a few of those, but not a single one is complete. Each one lasts for approximately 30 seconds or so and would not make a complete song unless I was capable of writing a proper melody to accompany my wicked-awesome sounds. Some of the songs that I will post upon completion will be:

Synthetic Crisp
King of Diamonds
A song I was working on with a friend which is currently called "Frank and Jon"

And my favorite of all which will also be the best, a collaboration I'm making with WyldFyre1. We're working hard on this song and going to make it amazing. Depending on how well the song turns out and how many good comments we get, we might make more together!


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