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Newest song!

2008-02-25 07:14:15 by Telliath

I'm now starting the new project which I'm making for a friend which I'm really excited about. I'm going to make a remix or cover, whichever sounds better, to the song "Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston". I'm really hoping this will turn out really great!

I just released a song called King Of Diamonds which I'm very proud of submitting. It's something I've worked pretty hard on and I like the sound. I'd say it's somewhere along the lines of version 1.3. Because I'm just fixing up an old song I never released. I'm fixing this song up and going to be releasing my second version soon and it will be even better!



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2008-03-27 18:58:30

I'm waiting to hear that jazz...

Telliath responds:

Which Jazz?... I never mentioned Jazz.


2008-05-30 05:04:35

haha we gotta do some more eventually!

Telliath responds:

Yes we do!! :D