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2008-10-26 12:10:22 by Telliath


8Bit rocks. So I made a pure 8bit track that I called "The 8Bit Purist" Check it out and enjoy it. :) /182432

My new track God Is A DJ is up on NG. It's a club-electro track that I worked hard on. Has some vocals. It's a great song so go vote and review and of course, add me to favs. /175197 :) enjoy :D

5th?... 6th? fuck I lost count.

2008-08-15 23:37:58 by Telliath

Well. Wyld and I are making yet again. ANOTHER COllAB. We've decided it's going to be a classical / orchestral piece.

The music itself is almost complete. Maybe just a minute or so more of the song needs adding. I've writting the melody and wyld has added SO much to the piece with alot of his strings and ambient style instruments. He also did the vast majority of the percsussions.

At this rate. This orchestral classical song will be an epic and should, hopefully, hit top 5. :)

We hope for the best. Enjoy the song when it's released. :)

The Devil's Grandma

2008-07-10 14:49:41 by Telliath

I made a song today for WF1. He sang in his mic because I was going to make him a theme song and it was supposed to be about him trying to beat up the Devil because the Devil is pissed at him because he pissed on the Devil's Grandma.

So he was improvising in his mic, and I made a song out of it. haha. Great.

Newest song!

2008-02-25 07:14:15 by Telliath

I'm now starting the new project which I'm making for a friend which I'm really excited about. I'm going to make a remix or cover, whichever sounds better, to the song "Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston". I'm really hoping this will turn out really great!

I just released a song called King Of Diamonds which I'm very proud of submitting. It's something I've worked pretty hard on and I like the sound. I'd say it's somewhere along the lines of version 1.3. Because I'm just fixing up an old song I never released. I'm fixing this song up and going to be releasing my second version soon and it will be even better!


New songs and a collab!

2008-01-25 09:24:15 by Telliath

Lately I haven't posted anything because I've been taking some advice from my dad and not posting bad songs, but just continuing to practice and only going to submit complete/good songs. I have prepared quite a few of those, but not a single one is complete. Each one lasts for approximately 30 seconds or so and would not make a complete song unless I was capable of writing a proper melody to accompany my wicked-awesome sounds. Some of the songs that I will post upon completion will be:

Synthetic Crisp
King of Diamonds
A song I was working on with a friend which is currently called "Frank and Jon"

And my favorite of all which will also be the best, a collaboration I'm making with WyldFyre1. We're working hard on this song and going to make it amazing. Depending on how well the song turns out and how many good comments we get, we might make more together!

Pronouncing Telliath.

2008-01-14 18:57:55 by Telliath

It is pronounced Tell-eeee-ath and not Tell-iiii-ath.


Number 8

2008-01-05 21:33:09 by Telliath

I have written / created 8 different songs: (Not all submitted to NG)

//*Lightning Dynamo*\\
//*Run Through Chaos*\\
//*Strawberry Illusions*\\
//*Nocturnal Creatures*\\
//*Killer Moth*\\
//*Aquamarine Sunshine*\\
//*Passive Happiness*\\
//*Underwater Party*\\

SOON TO COME: //*Resurrected Sunshine*\\

Nothing special....

2008-01-03 13:53:04 by Telliath

Well, that's what I think of my music. It's nothing special... well, at least until I started figuring out how to use FL7 properly. I'm getting better at it!